This site is for those who deserve fame and glory, reputation and reward, but don't have those things YET.


The interview rules are very simple. They are going to tell their artistic mottos, life stories, personality, and/or works using their initials - the name they want people to remember. 

They are also going to set the standard of fame for themselves.

Once they reach that goal, they will be disqualified.

The definition of fame is very subjective. As you read, you'll see that some of the interviewees have already achieved some degree of fame. However, as long as they haven't achieved their specific "fame goal", they are not too famous YET.

So, please enjoy these great interviews until the day when they are all too famous to stay here.


If you want to talk about a possible collaboration opportunity with one of these artists, you can visit their homepages (find the link below the interview).  Otherwise, please contact the site manager.