John Mukeni Namai



Storytelling Artist, Kenya

My stage name is Titi. It's also my child hood name and birth name.

T- togetherness. My stories brings people together while listening and when may be they are far apart in decision or not agree it serves as a brigde

I - Involving. most of the storytelling I do is involving the audience to participate so also while telling the you into a mythical world to take a trip of the soul:)

T- timelessness of stories as stories cut a cross  time,  (as many stories start with) once upon a time, (which is) not in my time but someone else time, lived a young beautiful lady named...

I - Intrigue. I intrigue them (the audiences) with the beautiful stories I tell.



I am doing a Storytelling Orature project as storytelling is an important aspect of my group Zamaleo Act in order to preserve culture and pass stories to the next generation. I perform in schools, share traditional stories and connect those tales to curriculum by focusing on core life skills, confidence building, oral interpretation and public speaking.

Also, I am working with young Somali Community, mentoring them and encouraging them to embrace the art of storytelling through a program called '365 tell a tale.' And each year I travel to share Kenyan folklores in international festivals abroad. I help in organizing the annual Sigana International Storytelling Festival to promote the art of storytelling that has gave platform to reknown story tellers world wide.


If this happens to me, I would consider myself famous enough..


This is a tricky one for me. What is fame? well intersting topic as in my country we recognise wrong people as famous as politicians, people who do not contribute to the social fabric of the human society.

I do not long for fame only to contribute my part to the world. For me, fame is when a kid comes to me telling that "I love your story or the songs in your story." if I hear them singing that song long after my show, that's fame to me or when am invited again to tell stories, that is fame for me ;)







Not Too Famous Yet Manager : Come on, you are not helping me. That sounds like a textbook. Give me another one.

Titi:  Well if I am invited to the AU (African Union Summit, just like UN) summit in Africa, Ethiopia, happening next week to tell a story and make them dance those serious delegates that would be fun! I make them get out of their boredom lives!